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Twenty First century life is not massively compatible with the human body.
Pilates can help to bring it more in line.

At the studio I have worked with children as young as six and adults in their eightys. Senior executives, lawyers and young mothers, sports people, actors, writers and osteopaths have all benefited from the Pilates technique. People with chronic conditions and impairments such as, cerebral palsy, benign positional vertigo and Chiari syndrome have been amazed with their improved quality of life.
Many have benefited greatly from the technique of Pilates and successfully integrated the knowledge into their daily lives.


...offered a calm and relaxing way to strengthen my body ready for birth, whilst providing the tools for the 'intervention free' birth I had hoped for.'
Bethan Pitron


' After a double disc fusion in my back I had the mobility and flexibility of a double decker bus...
... Pilates Revolution has helped me get back to the gym, ski and play golf... Pilates is now, and will always be, an important part of my life.'

Mark Howe


' I feel stronger, I can see that my poise and posture are changed... PILATES ... has made a very powerful and positive contribution to my life.
David Levin


‘… my posture is better, neck stronger and my spinal flow eased, relieving my Chiari symptoms… my ‘pulse headaches’, neurological damage and whiplash are helped… life is much easier.
Jenny Wainwright


‘…during my pregnancy your expertise, help and support were invaluable’
Hayley Crocker


‘… you have an amazing attention to detail…imaginative ways to describe the technique… taking the time to help understand body alignment…’
Jules Lowe


After 20 years acute back and hip pain … within 6 weeks my back had improved beyond recognition, after 12 weeks I was able to turn over in bed without waking… within 12 months I was pain free, feeling strong and physically fit… Pilates has changed my life’
Sharon Evans

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