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Ante-natal & post-natal Pilates

babyAt PILATES REVOLUTION we passionately believe in the benefits of 'active birth.'

By taking control of your body and preparing it for the most incredible experience you are actively giving your baby the best start in life.
Being both mentally and physically fit for childbirth is paramount.
We would never expect to start out on a great expedition without first having prepared our mind and body for what may lay ahead.

New to PILATES REVOLUTION this year is the addition of HYPNOBIRTHING® classes.

Ante-natal Pilates

The focus is on teaching Pilates techniques which strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and safely promote flexibility and strength in the back. In the  later stages of your pregnancy the sessions will encourage optimal foetal positioning, as well as focusing on breathing techniques to assist in the birth of your baby.

Developing a stable and controlled body and confidence in it, will be of great advantage during childbirth, possibly reducing the need for major pain relief.
As every Pregnancy is unique, Ante-natal pilates at
PILATES REVOLUTION is only taught on a one-to-one basis.


Post-natal Pilates

Most women can normally resume Pilates after their 8 week check, although many of the Pilates pelvic floor exercises from the ante-natal Pilates classes can be used immediately following the birth.

Group post-natal classes, with mother and baby are offered by PILATES REVOLUTION

All classes are taught by Chris StJohn-Smith a qualified Pregnancy Pilates practitioner and an Instructor Member of the Pilates Institute.

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