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What is Pilates?

is a repertoire of movements
developed in the 1920’s
by Joseph Pilates

Working with the important core body muscles, Pilates promotes a more stable, supported and flexible body.

PILATES is a gentle, progressive, non-aerobic form of exercise, incorporating posture, body awareness and relaxation. These factors serve to make Pilates a very appropriate form of exercise for those individuals not currently practising a regular exercise routine, or wishing to return to one after illness or injury.

RESEARCH shows that for back-pain sufferers strong core muscles developed through the Pilates technique, coupled with a neutral spine, will reduce even acute lower-back pain.                  Therapeutic Exercise for Spinal Segmental Stabilization in Low Back Pain
                                                                                                                                                                       Carolyn Richardson et al.

USING the body’s existing range of movement, with our arms and our legs as counterweights, we can safely and dramatically build a better, more healthy body.

Pilates can be a benefit to everyone living in the twenty first century.

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